Make It Special Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do prices include tax? 

Prices do not include tax. We are a licensed and insured business and therefore required by federal and state law to pay sales tax.

2. Do you require a deposit?

Yes, we do require a deposit to reserve your event or party date in our calendar. Your reservation is NOT booked until we receive payment. The deposit for birthday parties is half of the party package price plus tax and can be paid securely online via an invoice to your email. The remainder will be due at least 24 hours before your party. The deposit for businesses and organizations is 25 percent of the event price plus tax and can be paid securely online via an invoice to your email or via a mailed check. The remainder will be due at or before the event.

3. What do I do once I’ve chosen a party package?

Once you’ve chosen a party package, you may either fill out our Book Now form or contact Kristin at 806-410-7753 (call/text) to check date & time availability. Our schedule operates on a first-come basis.

4. How far in advance should I book my party or event?

We recommend booking at least 4 weeks in advance. Of course, we will try to work with every schedule, from same weekend to months in advance. It really depends on how flexible you are with your date, time & character.

5. What days are available to book with Make It Special?

We operate Monday-Saturday. Please understand that we do not attend parties or event on Sundays (hospital visits are the ONLY exception).

6. Should I add on an additional character for a birthday party?

We recommend a ratio of 1:12, so one character per 12 children. If you are expecting a large turn out, we recommend additional characters in order to provide the attention and care we hope to give each child.

7. Does each birthday party last the exact time listed?

Party duration times are approximate and may vary by party.

8. Will Make It Special characters volunteer at my event, school or charity?

Make It Special has received so many volunteer requests over the years that we have decided to limit volunteer visits to ONLY children in the hospital. However, we do offer special rates for charities and organizations. Please contact Kristin directly for information 806-410-7753.

9. Can I create a custom event or part package with Make It Special?

Of course! Kristin has over 5 years experience planning and hosting events for children. We would love to work with you to make your dream a reality.